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Courier Services and Service Classes

Whether your business requires urgent, highly time-sensitive materials delivered via rush courier (aka hot-shot, direct), or you simply need to reduce costs of overnight shipping of less time-critical goods to and from your customers, Green Delivery Service has a shipping option to meet your needs. We handle everything from medical emergency deliveries for hospitals, daily scheduled parts/logistics runs, to next-day office supplies, and everything in between.

Rush Courier

Our fastest service class, choose this option when you need it there in less than an hour to two hours (depending on the distance and zone). As Rush delivery specialists, Green Delivery Service uses several unique approaches with our dispatch operations and resource management, and we maintain one of the highest driver/job ratios of any local company.
Detailed information on rush courier service.

Regular 3-Hour Delivery

Our standard or "regular" service class, choose this option when you need it delivered locally within three hours (* some outlying zones have 4 hour timeframes). Save some money off the rush price and still get it there in a very timely manner, as opposed to alternatives. Pricing is highly competitive and varies by distance and zone, so please call or email us for an immediate quote or rate sheet for your area.

Same Day Delivery

For the lowest possible rate (aside from other discounts), we offer discounted same day delivery and overnight/next-day delivery. Unlike our Rush, and Standard service classes, same-day service should only be used in cases where delivery any time that business day will be acceptable. Delivery times vary from 6 to 8 hours depending on distance and zone, and careful consideration must be taken with regard to the operating hours of the businesses at the destination and pickup addresses to ensure that someone is available to receive or ship your package. If nobody will be available to receive the shipment at the destination address, a same-day delivery becomes a next-day, unless an alternate destination is provided. Prices for same-day are 20% off the regular rate, and other discounts may be applied.
Detailed information on Same Day courier service.

Regular Pre-Scheduled & Route Courier Service

If you have a single (or multiple) daily pickups at pre-scheduled times. Green Delivery Service offers significant discounts off of regular courier rates for any delivery that occurs on a regular prescheduled basis, whether it's daily, weekly, or at any other interval. See Scheduled Courier Discounts for more information or contact us with your details for a specific rate quote.

Van, minivan, pickup truck delivery

Have boxes or freight to move locally? No extra "van charge" for van, minivan or small truck! Other local delivery companies add an extra $50 charge to your base rate in addition to the per-pound weight charges. With Green Delivery Service, you pay only the base rate and weight charge, and our per-pound charges are also highly competitive.
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Same-Day Truck Delivery

If you need large items or palletized freight moved, Green Delivery Service can accommodate this with our full dock height, 22 foot cargo truck. Schedule permitting, most deliveries can be made the same day or the next day from when the order is placed. Rates are surprisingly affordable when compared to the ground rates of air-freight or long distance trucking companies. More information...

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