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Green Delivery Service has specialized in Rush Courier Service in the Washington DC/Baltimore region since it'[s founding in 1989, (originally named Express Package Service, aka EPS Couriers). Centrally based in Laurel MD, we have been providing premium quality rush delivery services to all types of businesses in the area for over twenty years. We understand, regularly handle, the needs of the most demanding shippers in industries including medical, legal, printing, direct-mail, parts, supplies, engineering, architects,Green Courier Delivery Company real estate, manufacturing, aerospace, computer/technology, retail, and government contractors (to name a few).

While we do make every effort to ensure that our Customers always get the best possible price, we fully understand that with certain deliveries, cutting corners to save a few dollars on the shipping rate is not worth the enormous costs that may result from any delivery delay or error. In fact, the majority of our deliveries are in this class, and the fact that our customers remain loyal to Green once they start shipping with us is an indication the we are doing a good job.

For information on what makes Green Delivery Service better than alternatives, please see our advantages page. See below for a brief description of our Dispatch Management philosophy, which we believe sets us apart from most competitors when it comes to Rush Delivery.

Dispatch Operations And Resource Management

In order to achieve the fastest possible (immediate) on demand response times, Green Delivery Service uses a locality-based, driver pooling (grouping) approach. In short, marketing and sales efforts are concentrated on specific shipping center locations where existing customer base is already strong, necessitating a "pool" (or waiting line) of available drivers. In and around these centers our response times can't be beat and new customers who have been accustomed to long waits for service are quite impressed with the speed of pick-up.

After completing a delivery, the driver will return to the nearest center (hub) and stand by for the next call. This differs from the more commonly used point-to-point dispatching which can sometimes leave drivers stranded where they cannot be used effectively. The point-to-point method may allow a delivery company to market services in a wider area but we believe it lowers the overall quality of service by spreading resources too thinly. Some may also argue that it reduces costs by reducing "dead-heading" of drivers, but is that any consolation if the closest driver for your urgent pick-up is 45 minutes away?

Discounted Non-Rush Delivery

Although we specialize in "Rush" or direct delivery, we do offer discounted service options for the less time-sensitive shipments. The four service classes are; Rush, Regular, 6-hour, and 24-hour. The slower service times allow for greater delivery consolidation which in turn reduces costs. Further discounts are offered for scheduled or routed service and Multiple Pick-Ups. (See Discount Delivery Service)

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